Exhibition at Duplex night club Phnom Penh on 19th of this month

More details to follow



Canvases on display on all 7 floors of  Patio Hotel and urban resort. At present working on a ceiling mural of Patio building. This will go in the bar underneath the swimming pool. We are worried we will pierce the pool when we mount it  

Also 9 limited editions in leather portfolio in bar. patiologo_최종(outline) (2014년)


At The Plantation I continue with canvases on display around the lily pond that is stocked with fish. This display is updated regularly. I have 13 canvases there and new ventures will find room on the walls. 


Villa Lanka has a small selection of my work in the shop

The Tea House has work for sale but mainly older stuff

The Sun Dance Pub and hotel also has small prints on display and framed. I wanted an edgy place near the 278 art shops .

Then I can be reached by appointment.

Seam Reap still has some of my stuff for sale but this needs chasing .





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