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  1. Dear David,
    We saw saw your murals at “the Plantation” hotel in Phnom Pen a couple of weeks ago and loved them. We live in Sydney and would be keen to purchase one of the murals. Could you please tell us how we can buy and ship one of them (probably “The Village” or “River Shanty”).
    Al and Kathy Stewart

  2. Hi David,

    I saw some of your work when staying at the Asian Teahouse in Phnom Penh. Your work really captures the vitality and energy of the street life there. I would also be interested in purchasing one of your works, so if you could advise me as to the process involved, I’d greatly appreciate it. thanks, Mary Ellen

  3. We saw some of your fabulous work at The Planation but unfortunately arrived late at night in the rain and left early in the morning so didn’t have time to select one. We live in Singapore and wondered if you could tell us how much it would be to send a painting here ? Many thanks

  4. Dear David We recently purchased a copy of your Bicycle picture and wanted to buy another print . I think it was cycle but the shop, at Villa Langka Phnom Penh, had sold out of that particular print. Can you advise how we can view your collection on line and purchase

    Kind regards

  5. Hi David,
    I recently came across one of your works in a NZ picture framers. The customer had purchased it, whilst on holiday in Cambodia. Having found your web site I would like to enquire as to the full cost of purchasing Boat Shanty 4 and having it shipped to New Zealand. I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks & Kind Regards Sheryn

    • Hi Sheryn

      Thank you for your enquiry. And that is a nice way to attract art lovers.

      I have boat shanty 4 in a large size 154 x 85 for $350 USA or a smaller size of 109 x 60 including border for $70 USA. Shipping is about $30 I can also do other sizes like half way between these two. Please let me know David

  6. Hi David,

    I would like to purchase boat shanty 4 size 109cm x 60cm including boarder. How do I go about arranging payment.? thanks

    • Hi

      This is my email pominpocket@hotmail.com. Please provide your address. I will sent by express.

      I can send give you a photograph of the tracking number and receipt then you can either credit my Australian bank account $100 USA or send the money by Western Union direct to Cambodia. I suppose what ever commission is less.

      Western Union would probably suit better. I will also confirm it is the same picture. I have one in my studio. Kind regards David

  7. Dear David,

    I saw your pieces at the plantation resort and spa and loved them at the time. I would like to buy a print or a piece for my home; could you kindly contact me? I am currently living in Singapore.


  8. Hi there David,

    I have been trying to get in touch via email, I am very interested in purchasing a print. Please let me know if we can make arrangements. I look forward to hearing from you.


  9. Hi David,
    I’m a resident of Phnom Penh, and I’m organising a fundraiser for families evicted from the White Building. These families have received some compensation but for some, it’s not sufficient to purchase a new flat in Phnom Penh. Please see: https://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/evictees-of-phnom-penh-s-white-building
    I was wondering if you would like to donate one of your beautiful White Building prints towards the raffle for the event on 15th July, 3-6pm @Sundown Social Club? Best, Fiona (017582683)

  10. Hi David,

    I am interested with your artwork of “white building with sky” at the Le Patio. I would like to buy the artwork (big size : 105cm * 196cm) printed in canvas. Where can i buy this? as Le Patio is out of stock 😦 Hope to hear from you.

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