Boat Shanty refaced

Working on this canvas in my studio. Its going to look radically different when finished. Its pinned to the back of the studio.   DSCF4662


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As I update this blog and news of course older posts sink down. I am not that savvy with the old computer so this is the best I can do. So to see my compete works at this stage just roll and scroll all the way down. I think I have about 40 works on display. I will soon be adding my painted works. I have painted my version of the white building that in reality  is falling apart at the seams as it is. Residents are fleeing to the hills after construction work caused earthquake like fissures in the building. My actual picture has a few fissures of its own but this is the way I lay on the paint. I am thinking of making prints of the painted canvas. Thus I take photos and enhance them with a secret remedy and they sew and stitch them into murals which I print in limited editions on canvas. Then sometimes and more recently I take to painting them and they are 1 off original pieces of work. However if I then make prints by photographing them and make canvases really it is a full circle and I could also paint on top of these and continue to make more prints of the result.

The studio is now a kind of hang out cafe bar. Really this means I have placed tables or rather the Landlord of Framed Cafe has placed tables in the studio. This has had a very good result. For one it has made me tidy the place up to make it more like an exhibition space. Also it is such tasteful recycled furniture we have up there it really adds atmosphere. I have set up an easel in the studio as well as a table . So, at the moment I am working on two separate pictures and designing a new mural of coffee shops in Hanoi.

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