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It is all looking good this year as I now am working from my own studio in Phnom Penh. Please see the map embedded in this post. I am near the riverside.

I have a nice bright studio space where I will be creating new images. I am planning another ten with a more raw and gutsy feel about them. I am looking at buildings and street life in Phnom Penh with the montages but as this city is being more or less demolished by the day I have to work quickly. Already they have filled in the lake. Bright white coffee shops with air con and wifi replace the traditional old places. The character is being lost.

Do not get me wrong I love design and architecture, but this is moving too fast and too unplanned. Where I live for instance I have now 5 building sites around me and the cost per square cubic meter is sky rocketing. Look up this is where the development is occurring. I am on the fifth floor but already a building has overtaken me and continued to rise.

I have tried to make montages with these white sparkling buildings but I am afraid it just does not work.


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