A stair

A stair


The montages will be moved to Seam Reap for an exhibition at La Palate. 

Then is back to the drawing board for a completey new body of work. Some of this will be in Kep and Kampot. The exhibition will be named “Structures” and will open in March at the Inter-continental hotel   

David Holliday

Its late November last time I looked and have just completed my exhibition at The Plantation Hotel here in Phnom Penh Cambodia. What a lovely gallery space indeed. Around a lily pond with lovely white walls. The lighting is also good.


On Jan the 5th I was lucky enough to get an extension. I am also showing at The Tea House 32 street 242 Phnom Penh. And Equinox . My display at Artillery is coming to a close soon.


But am moving 16 pictures by mini van up to Seam Reap the to La Pallet. This will be a new venture and I am looking forward to it.