The Portfolia

Finally I have found a very good printer. Well I found this company before. It is near the Russian Market in Phnom Penh. But last time there was a lot of misunderstanding. A lot of this companies work involved huge beer advertising on banner.

Canvas here is known as banner cloth. I spent an hour with my right hand man. My photo guy and he formatted the images as I wanted them A3 size with black border.

But when I went to the company I received as a sample a larger than A3 size canvas with white edges. I told him to cut the edges off with an industrial gillotine. He removed one edge with a pair of kitchen sissors and then went back to his mobile phone. Meanwhile his computer guy was removing the special black border and re-sizing all my images.

Finally yesterday I received the 19 or so prints on canvas, but this time with a black and a white border. One was stretch framed at great expense $9. Some mafia looking guy was fingering the frame while sitting on a motorbike and I assume it was he who arranged it. I need to try an art shop.

My next move was a cycle ride to the leather smith who is making the portfolio. He only speaks Cambodian and I only English. I explained it needed to be a lot bigger. It really will be too big to carry around on buses and motorbikes. But the product is good with this extra border.

I used to deal in Aboriginal art and you need a border to stretch the work on a wooden frame.


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